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Connecting You With The Communities Where You Do Business

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How We Can Transfrom Your Projects

Maria Kelly Consulting About .png
Maria Kelly Consulting About .png

Provide Expertise & Leadership To Cultivate Community Engagement


From corporate responsibility to employee engagement, I can identify opportunities organizations have to engage with their community to establish a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform.

Maria Kelly Consulting About  (1).png
Maria Kelly Consulting About  (1).png

Offer Strategic & Tactical Support Providing Essential Insight For Projects Ranging From Unique Individual Initiatives To Large Scale Infrastructure Projects


No matter how big or small the project is, I specialize in providing more than just strategy. I work with teams to create tangible results with tactical initiatives built on a strong strategy. 

Maria Kelly Consulting About  (2).png
Maria Kelly Consulting About  (2).png

Help Identify The Win-Win-Win For The Community & The Business When Developing A Project


I work with public and private partners to ensure they identify and communicate the positive benefits of their project to their community. 

Maria Kelly Consulting About  (3).png

Work With Cross-Functional Teams To Advance Projects


I create forward momentum on projects by working and connecting well with the development, communications teams, and other external community stakeholders.

Get Started Today!


MMKelly Consulting LLC

Welcome to MMKelly Consulting LLC! Owned and operated by me, Maria Kelly, and located on the Central Coast of California. I've been working with businesses locally and nationwide to successfully develop and launch infrastructure projects by connecting you with the communities where you do business. I can help you cultivate community support, regardless of whether your business is in the private or public sector or where you are located.

I'm a firm believer in strategy; strategy execution requires excellent tactical support. I pride myself on my ability to identify key tactics, so I can work with you to achieve your win. 

How did I get started on this path? Well, I've always have been passionate about enhancing community experience. With my 20 years of experience in economic development, renewable energy, and community government affairs, I'm able to help organizations do just that! I can help you identify and communicate the win-win-win for the community regarding your project.

Want to learn more? Let's connect on LinkedIn or just send me a message using the "Let's Chat!" button below. 

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